Improve your interior

How to combine harmoniously yesterday and today? I metamorphose your place of life without resorting to heavy transformations. I propose you a new arrangement of the furniture and objects that live in your house in order to highlight them and make your interior as pleasant as practical.

The different steps:

· Bring together objects and furniture that fit together harmoniously.
· Find the ideal place for each piece of furniture and each object so that everyone is highlighted.
· Invert two rooms so that each one is in a space adapted to its use.


· At home, I assess your desires and I immerse myself in the atmosphere of your apartment.
· Suggestion of a new arrangement of your furniture (sofa, armchair, table, console, paintings, lighting, ...).


· If I notice needs (insufficient lighting, poorly adapted seats, some missing decorative objects, ...) following this new layout, I make purchases of furniture and decoration at our suppliers or in stores, at your convenience.


· Upon delivery of these purchases, I integrate them with your existing furniture in order to complete the new staging of your interior and finalize the new layout.

     80.00 € / Hour
     Half-day package: 310.00 €
     Day pass: 600.00 €